Thursday, 21 January 2010


I am SO SORRY for the long silence, I bet you all totally missed me. But loads of stuff has been going on. First off I broke up with my bf in the guild Рbet you didn't know I had a bf, right? And no its not iMbAmAgé lol! Anyway he was a tank and totally into me (I will post some piccies of myself soon so you can all see what I look like lol) but he wasn't that good. And as you know I can solo heal anything so I like kicked him to the kerb. (and, no, sacerdote, just cos I am single again does not mean I will cybor with you so dont get too excited).

The thing is as soon as they found I was single again the guild like TOTALLY EXPLODED with love for me!!!!! *shy smile* And everything has been INSANE ever since. Honestly they are so sad and desperate, it's a good job they have me, otherwise they'd probably never get to interact with a girl irl at all. They are so grateful that I flirt with them but now they just wont leave me alone at all. And everybody is talking about nothing but me on guild chat all the time. *blush* It's totally exhausting. It's like I have 93 bfs or something!!!!

Hehehe, I have been having some fun with them though. Like I have been getting totally drunk and then trying to heal raids. Everybody thinks I am so cute. Thankfully I am not the sort of person who makes a fool of themselves when they are drunk. I just get all girly cos I am a girl irl and sometimes I type a bit funny and everybody totally loves it.

Hehehe, last Saturday I got so drunk I like fell asleep NAKED at my laptop and then I told the guild and everybody got really excited at the idea of me being NAKED. I bet they are all imaging me NAKED all the time now. I know it is not okay for men to treat women like sex objects because I am a girl irl and although I am not a feminist because feminists are ugly and wear dungarees I agree with some feminist principals. Everybody should be treated equal (except me, of course, I should be treated better because I can solo heal anything – i'm kidding!!!). But anyway I was saying it is okay that my guild are always imagining me NAKED because they are sad and desperate and it is the closest they are likely to get a real NAKED girl. I am like a charity for pathetic loser men, hehehe!!!