Thursday, 19 November 2009

some people are such noobs its not even funny

Snotty's words have been kindly transcribed for us today by Slik.

So I'm running around Org showing off my pretty pony, when I noticed in trade some poor guys LFH for Ramps. Normally, I avoid reading trade, but something must have been going on in Ironforge, because noone pointed out how sweet my plate matches my Charger.

So, I whisp back and tell them I can walk them through Ramps, IF THEY REALLY NEED it. 'Cos I can solo heal anything, lol, and it's not even like they were doing it on heroic or anything which would have been less totally boring for me.

Of COURSE they jump at the chance to have me join them, and I let them summon me over.

They were total noobs, of course, but FINALLY someone noticed me for who I am. They were falling all over themselves and just amazed at how equipped I am. And I was like *shy smile* *blush* because every though I'm an uberleet raider, and a girl irl, I didn't want to make them feel too bad about themselves.

The rest of the group was a Deathnite, a cow Druud, some gurl with one of those rotating glowing balls (a Shamey I think) and a Warrior. (maybe he was a fight pallidin)

I should of known better.

It started off bad. The tank couldn''t even tank. I kept making sure he was full of health, and the idiot kept letting the monsters come after me!!! Yes, I'm 80 and VERy well accessorized, but come ON, if I wanted to solo this, I WOULD!!

Since they were being so lame, I tried to get them to pick up the pace a bit. I mean, if I'm helping them, they can at least not waste my time.

Of course, when the tank was letting go of his guys, the DPS ediots couldn't handle the couple extra mobs I brought over.

I had to resurrect one of them 5 time!!!!!

We go threw the place, and they might as well be sitting on my back. UGH!!!

Finally, we get to the last bosses. Knowing how incompetent these morons are, I seggest we go rite, and do the easy boss first.

I'm plenty mad, and I almost decide to let the tank die, but FOR ONCE, he keeps the boss on HIM, and not ON ME, so I finally heal him. It's actually going OK, until the boss throws me off the platform!!!

AND I DIE!!!!!

So I left those noobs to rot.

If they can't even kill the guy, they don't deserve my help.



  1. You go Snotty, nobody gets to abuse the healer like that.

    We are special.

    Myrhani, holy pally and girl irl.

  2. Hey Snotty U r rite. Mo5t T@nks R teh fa!l. I R s00perl337 dps and wen I crit tey lo5e @ggro an I diez :0 tey suxxors!!!

  3. @Myrhani

    TOTALLY! Girl power! Lol!


    Hey, Sacerdote - I am glad you have stopped asking me to cybor with you even though are still obviously TOTALLY INTO ME! But, yeah, your right!