Thursday, 12 November 2009


Today's Snottydin post comes courtesy of the ever fabulous Vorla

So I was like looking over my guild the other day, rite, and I noticed they were all like, lame (my gear is all great cause I like soloheal a bunch of raids all the time cause I can totally do that cause I'm a girl irl)! So I was like "I'M TOTALLY NOT DOING THIS N E MOAR!!!1" and /gquit. I was sooo looking forward to having them all beg and stuff for me to come back cause, I can like soloheal and that's totally cool. APPERANTLY!!! they don't know that I'm a girl irl so they were all like whatever. That's so lame! Don't they know I shud be treated like a princess right!

So anyway I was like looking for a new guild who could kno how to like not be rude and stuff. And i saw this dude in /2 going like "This guild or whatever is recruiting! You can join if u r aewsom!!1" and I was like, omg! that's totally me! It seemed like, the perfect guild and I was like omigosh, finally a guild with people who r as kewl as I am!! Maybe even someone who is a girl irl who can be like, my trainee!

So I whispered that dude like "HAI ^_^ did u kno i am a girl irl I am also very awesome so like invite me to ur guild!!!!1" and he whispered me back like "omg a girl that's like awesum!!" and I was like "I KNOOO!!!!". So anyway he invited me to his guild and it was like totally awesome cause everyone was like, as awesome as me at least I think so. I know right fat chance but whatever.

So anyway my new guild is called "ANGLES OF DARKNES" and we r like totally awesome! Everyone is so nice to me cause im a girl irl and everything yeah I know lol rite. This dude sent me some realllyyyy creepy pics on our forums so I guess not everyone can be as respectful of me as that one who invited me. So anyway I asked to be an officer cause I'm a girl irl and they alredy treat me so nice and all and then SOMEHOW!!! it was not very nice anymore! He was like "lol yeah rite" and I was like "WTF U NOOB" and he was like "you think you can be GL first day you join lol" and I was like "..." and totally put him on ignore! Showed him. what a noob, lol.


  1. lol n00bfaec

    you showd him grl :E

  2. @ Xhakhal

    I know, right! Like I'd make an awesome GL because everyone knows girls irl are sensitive and good leaders and stuff. What a noob. He doesn't know what's missing.

  3. keep ignoring him or he'll just think he was rite

  4. He so should have promoted you, what a noob. When his guild falls apart without your leadership it will be all his fault.

  5. Angle
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    This article is about angles in geometry. For other uses, see Angle (disambiguation).
    Not to be confused with Angel.

  6. that GL is such a dumbass, he forgot double letters in the guild name, it's spelt DARKKNEES

    duuuuuuuuuh lololol

  7. Yeahhhhh...

    Anyone have some bleach... my eyes are bleeding and I need the last 5 minutes of my life back (trying to translate valley-girl-l33t-spk is more difficult than you'd think).

  8. U shd defo b GL. UR way kewl Snotty an u roxxor even if u won't cyb0r wiv me :(((((

    @Aoladari U nd 2 lrn 2 rd leet on wiki. kthnxbye

  9. @Sacerdote- oh I can read it. I'm just amazed that someone who supposeldy went to Oxford would choose to communicate in drivel like this. Or act like this... It makes me fear for the future of society a a whole.