Thursday, 29 October 2009

its not easy beeing pink

Today's Snottydin post was kindly transcribed by the, like, totally awesome DDK

LOL not the singar, I’m like totally not as cool as her *Blush*!

But pink, as being a pink-a-din -and a healing one at that.

And let me tell you all, It’s not easy!

As soon as anyone finds out im a girl in rl, they totally FLIP out! (Especially when they find out I went to Oxford!!)

Like, is it’s so amazing that a girl can be this good at healing? It should be: That it’s amazing that ANYONE can be this good at healing, because that’s what I am in game. I am a totally healing Goddesses (I had to look that word up *giggles*, it means girl in real life who is like a God!), and the haters can’t handle that!

For example I get a lot of hate from other healers when I come into their instance, they FLIP OUT at me, because I heal their tanks this good! *smiles shyly* It’s like in real life, where I am a girl, and everyone looks at me when I enter a room, and they stare at me *giggles*. They stare in game too. They stare because I look totally HOT *flustered*. And it’s not easy to have them stare at me this much. It’s like “come-on can’t you just let me heal in peace?” *blush*. I get totally shy when they distract me like that and take my concentration away from healing. And that’s a problem for the whole raid.

Also, my hotness and super hero powers at healing (im terrible at dps *blush*), makes me steal away all the boys’ attention. So they stand in fires, and run the wrong way. That is usually what happens when we wipe. Even though im such an incredible healer, I just can’t save everyone who stands in fires just staring at me *sighs*. Or like the tank if he likes stares at my… woman parts.*blushes like a a lot*

Luckily being a girl irl, I’m very skilled at communications and talking. So I’m very good at whispering those that FAIL HARD at playing the game, and calmly explain to them what they did wrong, and teaching them how to play *smiles timidly*.

And as an extra incentive to the very very slow boys playing, I flirt a little with them. It makes everything so much easier. And they respond so well to that.


No I’m like not proud of it, but a girl must do what a girl must do, to get the raid done. *smiles*

Ps the post is called its not easy being pink, because I am a girl irl and because paladins usually wear a lot of pink stuff. And who doesn’t love pink?


  1. Pink...

    Girls think it means one thing...

    Guys KNOW it means something else.... ;)

    Yeah, we like pink....


  2. @SlikRX

    Like wtf? I'm totally confused by this comment, you should learn to express yourself better, especially if you ever want to talk to girls irl.